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One hundred and twenty-one years of history, seven national championships, and 800 wins few other teams can claim as much victory and glory as the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now fans of this collegiate powerhouse will get to relive the greatest moments and most daring plays in college football through the eyes of the Buckeyes themselves. A.J. Hawk points to the 2006 Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame as the critical moment that crystallized a college career well played: "I think the fact that it was the end of an amazing four years four big bowl wins, three Michigan wins, lots of victories in those four years, and an amazing group of teammates and coaches is why it felt like the game of my life." Jan White recalls the adrenaline rush that transformed his career when he scored his first touchdown as a Buckeye. "It became a footrace I was determined to win," White says of his 72-yard reception from Rex Kern against Northwestern in 1968. "It was incredible. The only chance there was of me not scoring on that play was if I had fallen down. Whoever they are and whatever the reason, there always is "the" game in a player 's memory bank. Football fans, most especially those card-carrying members of Buckeye Nation, will be enlightened and entertained by these stories. Buckeye greats such as Archie Griffin, Cris Carter, Mike Lanese, and Bob Hoying relive their legendary moments from the sidelines to the huddle, from the depths of impending defeat to the pinnacle of glory.
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