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About The Author Randy Pippin has been an active successful ambassador for the game of college football and all that it represents for his entire adult life. He has blazed a trail of changed lives in unique circumstances at virtually all levels throughout grass roots America, particularly in the South. As you will see in this book, Randy has a high level of technical expertise especially when it comes to this smart multiple defensive system. Not only has Randy made this defensive system simple to implement and install but he also has had a unique means of integrating his Faith and his Family values into his vocation. This blending of unparalleled football coaching experiences along with Randy's deep passion for personal development of the people he coaches makes for a compelling story and tested defensive system. The completeness, simplicity, detail and multiple options presented in the book C.H.A.O.S. makes it a must read for an aspiring defensive coordinator or head coach wanting a thorough working knowledge of a universally sound defensive system. Additionally this is a great read for one that wants to be entertained and enlightened with some anecdotal doses of how the gospel can be practically applied to real life and the chaotic world of coaching. Enjoy and Learn, Grant Teaff Grant Teaff Executive Director American Football Coaches Association"
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