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Wild Blue Yonder is the soaring saga and official history of Brigham Young University football, what some people have called the Mormon Notre Dame. Coach LaVell Edwards took over a program 25 years ago that was unknown. He was convinced that the only way to win was to throw the ball and throw it he did. The Cougars have emerged as one of the best traditions in the history of college football.BYU is now one of the nation's football heavyweights playing before 60,000 fans each week, sending dozens of players to the NFL and appearing on national TV.
  • Título Original: Wild blue yonder
  • ISBN: 9781886110335
  • EAN: 1886110336
  • Idioma del libro: es
  • Edad: 15+
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  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 01.09.1997
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  • 16/7/2018

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