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Part 1 of this edition consists of the creation of the English football league in 1888. It includes every football league result and the final league tables to the first England International matches in the British Home International Championship results. It also provides the tables and their statistics with the first games against overseas opposition, containing all the players and their teams. Read about the oldest cup competition in the world, the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup), from its humble beginning in 1872 and every result from the first round until the final. The book also incorporates the First World War mini-tournaments to the first FA Cup Final and England Internationals played at the World famous British Empire Stadium, simply known as Wembley Stadium. Part 1 finishes with the 1929-1930 football league season. Amaze your friends with the facts! For history buffs and true sportsmen, The History of the English Football League - Part 1: 1888-1930 is a must read. About the Author Michael J. Slade lives in the town of Yeovil in the county of Somerset. "Football is my life (as my girlfriend will tell you!) and I enjoy everything about the game, from its humble beginnings to the present day." He is writing the sequel. Publisher's website:
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