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"Inside the Vault is a heirloom-quality photographic guide to trophies, artifacts, and ephemera highlighting the life of Coach Paul W. "Bear" Bryant and serving as the core of a sumptuous new display at the world-famous Paul W. Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Coach Paul W. "Bear" Bryant was one of the most influential figures in the history of sport, and his life and career are studied, emulated, and revered nationwide. Bryant earned a national championship as a young player on the squad of the University of Alabama football team and later as head coach led the team to an astonishing six national championships. His accomplishments on as well as off the field comprise a life of success and service few can match. Over the years, the Bryant Museum has amassed a trove of memorabilia that reflect not just the peaks in Coach Bryant's stratospheric football career, but his place in the popular culture of his time and in the hearts of football fans. In honor of the centenary of Bryant's birth, the Bryant
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