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It opened like that hole that Wilbert ran through that changed everything. And as it busted wide open, it had a Golden Ticket inside. And every year, year in and year out, when it came in the mail, like a shot of Jack, that warm rush came over me and tingled down to my toes. It was Ticket Day. Eagles Season Ticket Day. And that day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a well observed holiday. It was my first Philadelphia Eagles Season Ticket Day. And there have been 40 of these wonderful moments that have helped to blot out the pain that goes with them. And I've loved every minute. Brotherly Love. WE. When I first received my Eagles Season Tickets, they cost about $10.00 a seat per game. No lie. Not like today. There wasn't any waiting list of 100,000 people. There wasn't any advertising for buying Eagles season tickets. Let's be honest. We sucked. Back then, we were so bad that even Santa woulda gotten a pass on a snowy day at The Vet.
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  • 26/7/2018

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