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The sport of football is in trouble! Can the NFL survive Is this THE END of football Head injuries, brain damage, and concussions! Permanent long-term disabilities! Lawsuits and legal action! National Anthem controversy! Political Activism! Social Issues injected into the game! Millions of viewers tuning out the telecasts! TV ratings hitting rock bottom! Transformative Rule Changes! The Commissioner and Administrative Elites! FACT: During the 2017 football season, 1 million fewer fans per game watched the NFL on television compared to the year before. Stadiums around the league were partially empty, ticket sales declined, popularity waned, corporate sponsors pulled their ads, and countless lifelong NFL fans were driven away from the game and alienated from the league they once loved. Head football coach and award-winning author, Mike Lowry, takes a hard-hitting approach to the issues on and off the field impacting the NFL, consequently causing the league to lose millions of fans and viewers. Mr. Lowry leverages a lifetime of football experience when presenting a no-nonsense examination of the NFL, its commissioner, its players, its owners, and how social issues, player protests, transformative rule changes, and unprecedented political activism are in the process of permanently destroying professional football while driving away millions of loyal and diehard fans. Not only does Mr. Lowry document a host of extreme problems currently plaguing the league but in addition, he outlines an array of remedial measures to restore the game to its pure essence while preserving football's remarkable American tradition. Other topics covered in this volume include: A brief history of the NFL and its current potential downfall and demise! The future of the NFL! How the game of football has changed! Political headwinds impacting the game! Significant rule changes transforming the game of football! The best NFL quarterbacks of all time! The best NFL coaches of all time! The best NFL teams of all time! A thorough discussion of the National Anthem controversy and its fallout! How and why millions of fans have tuned out the NFL in recent years! How we can preserve, protect, and save the game of football! Regardless of your personal stance concerning the NFL, its players, its owners, and its commissioner, no contemporary discussion of football is complete without consideration to the unique perspective and insight presented in PhD Football's Downfall of the NFL. Through a meticulous blitz of football information, Mr. Lowry's 6th volume in the PhD Football series is a MUST-READ for any football fan and documents for you what no one else will tell you about the NFL and its potential demise. Order your copy now!
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