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This history brings to life the Syracuse Athletic Association (S.A.A.) football team in Syracuse, New York, from 1890 to 1900. Conflict plagued the organization throughout its existence. Temporary disbanding, forced resignations, and internal squabbles were the norm, but the team rose above it all to win multiple city championships. It was established as the team to beat-and they rarely were.

No other independent team could match the success of the S.A.A. at the time when some of Syracuse's best players donned the red and white for the organization. Bobby Adams, Bert Hanson, and Sam Jacobson battled on the gridiron, and Physical Director Charles McCormick worked his magic Charles McCormick worked his magic.

In the end, the Syracuse Athletic Association laid the groundwork for teams of the future, making football in Syracuse no longer just a collegiate sport. The S.A.A. proved that independent teams could compete on the local gridiron and be successful.

The Syracuse Athletic Association football team left a lasting mark on amateur athletics in Syracuse that could not be duplicated and will never be forgotten. Relive this exciting time in football history with the story of the S.A.A.

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